Get yourself a Nostr name (NIP-05 identifier)

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What is NIP-05 name?

It is a human-readable name (alias or identifier) that you can set by editing your Nostr profile. This makes it simpler for other people to remember your alias (instead of your public key), and simpler to mention you in their posts by typing instead of @npub1xxx. Besides, many apps add some kind of "verified" check mark like , which makes your profile look more trustworthy.

Can I change my NIP-05 name later?

Yes you can, just buy a new alias on another service or set up one on your own domain. Then update your profile to set the new alias, and you're good to go. All Nostr clients will recognize the change and use your new alias everywhere.

What is the price of NIP-05 alias on Nostr.Band?

We charge 1000 sats per year for a name longer than 3 characters. Names that are 3 characters long go at 2000 sats, and names that are 2 characters go at 4000 sats per year.

How long does it take to buy the alias?

Just fill in the form above, pay the invoice, and you're good to go, your pubkey is automatically assigned to your alias. Just go to your Nostr app and update your profile to set the alias.

Can I change the pubkey assigned to the NIP-05 name later?

Contact on Nostr and we'll figure it out.

Can I cancel and request a refund?

Contact on Nostr and we'll figure it out.

Can I buy lots of cool names and re-sell them later?

If you start doing that, we will impose various limitations. Please don't do that.

Can I buy some name to impersonate a famous person?

No, if we detect that, we will cancel your alias and issue a refund.

Have more questions?

Contact on Nostr.

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After your payment is received, your pubkey will immediately be assigned to your chosen name.

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You can use your Nostr app to update your profile. Copy the name you've bought into the NIP-05 field and save your profile. Other users should see your new name after they restart their apps.

We will notify you over Nostr when your name approaches expiry and needs to be renewed.